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Monday, October 1, 2012

Solar Cycles and Business Cards

Solar Cycles are the lifeblood of the Amateur Radio hobby. Approximately ever 11 years our sun goes up and down through a magnetic actvity cycle from low or nearly no activity to a poeak of greatly increased magnetic activity. The magnetic activity associated with the cycle affects how radio transmissions are reflected by the earths atmospheric layers. Higher activity means higher frequency signals will bounce back to earth enabling a transmission to be heard at greater distances from the origin. A transmission can be heard around the globe at times during higher solar activity. Concurrently, when activity is low, transmissions are weak, don't travel very far and generally it's a lot more difficult to carry on a conversation over any distance. So most of us like higher magnetic activity from the sun.

By now, you're probably thinking what in the heck does business cards have to do with it? Some of us in the hobby like to exchange business cards with other hams that we come into face-to-face contact with. These cards can be used for that purpose.

Here are some good links for information and some images of the sun. Including one or two of my own.
A Nasa Image on Yahoo

This is from my own rather small collection of images.
m-class flare sunspots