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Monday, October 29, 2012


Favorites Ask your friends what season is their favorite and you're likely to get some different answers. If they're a smart aleck or a nut they might say football or basketball. We won't even go into the hockey crowd. I don't want to disparage the sports fans, life is short and it pleases them to root for their team. Outdoorsmen might say their favorite season is duck or deer season. Fall for the trout fisherman is a great time to be on the water as trout instinctively put on an epic feed in preparation for the spawn and the coming winter months. Fall also brings harvest in a lot of states. Around here the apples are ripe and waiting for a few cold nights to really sweeten up. The wait is worth it I might add. Fall normally brings relief from the oppressive heat here in Southern California. This year daytime temperatures are still approaching 90 degrees occasionally. Fall or autumn in my area brings the Santa Ana winds and devastating wildfires too. That's a subject for another time. In regards to the original question, most will likely say spring and or fall. At least most of my friends do. While there are those that love the heat of summer and the freezing temperatures and wetness of winter, most folks enjoy spring and fall the most. For the photographer and nature enthusiasts, Autumn ushers in a season of beautiful colors; reds, yellows, orange, green and everything in between. Today's post is posters that reflect the glory of a favorite season, fall in the local mountains. Enjoy and thanks for looking.