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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mugged in Bodie

Whenever I hear the word mugged I usually assume New York is some how associated with it. I'm not sure why but, anymore maybe it should be associated with Chicago or any one of a number of cities in the USA. I think I heard somewhere that next to Detroit and Chicago, San Bernardino was known as the murder capitol of the US. San Bernardino is within 20 miles of my home which is probably one of the safest in the Golden State. At any rate, I've created some mugs using the same photos I've used on the postcards from yesterday. Enjoy and thanks for dropping by!

Bodie Antique Bottles Mug
Bodie Antique Bottles Mug by FloralbyFred
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Bodie Methodist Church Mug
Bodie Methodist Church Mug by FloralbyFred
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Bodie Sawmill Coffee Mugs
Bodie Sawmill Coffee Mugs by FloralbyFred
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