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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Take a Nap

I've read a lot about the mental and physical health benefits of napping. I must admit, I've been given more and more to napping the older I get. It seems almost necessary nowadays as I find myself waking up at the keyboard more often than I care to admit, lol... Waking up at the keyboard is probably not the best place to snooze for anyone. I just always have more work to do and don't want to give up. It would probably be better for me to just go lay down on the sofa and watch a documentary; then get up and finish my work. Bottom line, a pillow is a lot more comfy than my shoulder or the back of my office chair.

As with a lot of things I talk about, Zazzle and therefore I, offer pillows with some beautiful designs. Whether you use these pillows for napping, lumbar support or just for decorations, they are a wonderfully beautiful accent to your room. Guys, Valentine's Day is on the way. These floral designs are a great way to say "I love and treasure you!"  Thanks for looking and please consider a purchase from my store.

Wildflower Pillow 7
Wildflower Pillow 7 by FloralbyFred
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Wildflower Pillow 6
Wildflower Pillow 6 by FloralbyFred
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These are recent designs.

Very Red Rose Throw Pillow
Very Red Rose Throw Pillow by FloralbyFred
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Another Beautiful Red Rose Pillows
Another Beautiful Red Rose Pillows by FloralbyFred
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Orange Rose Pillow
Orange Rose Pillow by FloralbyFred
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Colorful Rose Bouquet Pillows
Colorful Rose Bouquet Pillows by FloralbyFred
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