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Thursday, January 10, 2013


All of us from time to time give gifts. It can be from the truly simple to the insanely extravagant. All of them carry the same feeling with them and that is the recipient means something special. Valentine's Day is coming next month and most of us that have someone special in our lives will probably give a gift of some kind. The gift box is more than just a container to convey the gift but also a part of the overall experience for the recipient.

Consider using one of these gift boxes to give that special person that special gift you worked so hard to purchase or create.

My premium boxes are wood, come in 2 sizes and have a magnetic closure to secure the lid.

My Tile Lid Boxes come in 2 sizes and 4 colors. They also have a hinged lid and are lined with felt. They are suitable for use as a jewelry box.

The cool thing is the boxes can be used for years to come to store those little treasures we collect. They are attractive and will look nice on anyone's dresser, nightstand or wherever! I will post more of these little jewels in the near future so, stay tuned. Thanks for looking!

Premium Boxes

Tile Lid Boxes