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Monday, January 7, 2013

Mouse Pads

Imagine someone like William Skakespeare using the term "mouse pad" in a play. Hark! What mouse pad doth break through yon window! Or alas, poor mouse pad, I knew it well... How about a dwelling for mice or a flophouse for mice? Sigh, I guess I think about strange things sometimes. I guess it's one of those computer age things. Mouse pad... a pad to move your mouse about on. Today I present some of my mouse pad designs for your enjoyment. They're functional and cool to look at too. Enjoy and Happy Monday!

Flaming rose mousepad
Flaming rose mousepad by FloralbyFred
Make your own custom mousepad at zazzle.com.
If you live in the Yucaipa, CA area, this may appeal to you. It's a lovely shot of the Yucaipa Valley looking east toward Oak Glen after a snowstorm.

Old Mountain Cabin Mouse Pads
Old Mountain Cabin Mouse Pads by FloralbyFred
View another mousepad online at zazzle.com
Water Drop Mousepad 2
Water Drop Mousepad 2 by FloralbyFred
Create your own customizable mouse pads online at Zazzle.