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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More Bling for your Post

I had some good news last night, I was cancelled for jury duty. That freed me up to get a little more work done this week. At any rate, yesterday my blog was all about postage stamps with a little "bling." You know, the sort of over the top adornment rappers like to show off with. While I don't like rap at all, I think these shots of gemstones are pretty cool and will give you something to dress up that dull envelope with your own sense of style. Enjoy and thanks for looking!

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Bling 20 postage
Bling 20 postage by FloralbyFred
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Bling 21 postage stamp
Bling 21 postage stamp by FloralbyFred
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Bling 22 postage
Bling 22 postage by FloralbyFred
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Bling 23 postage stamp
Bling 23 postage stamp by FloralbyFred
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