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Friday, June 8, 2012

He Did it All...

Think about the many ways our world was changed for the better by the birth death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The offer of salvation and freedom aside, one can make a strong argument for the  many positive ways He impacted the world and still impacts the world for good today. Just one of the things from the top of my head is the printing press. The modern printing press was largely based  on a design by Johannes Gutenberg. This revolutionized the way we conceive our world and describe the way we live and think. While it was not his first work, the Gutenberg Bible was the most significant product of the Gutenberg printing press. More information is here: Gutenberg Bible.

Still, the most significant thing He did was to willingly offer Himself as a ransom for all. For information about this please click here: Here.

Today's offering is an image I created with the cross in silhouette against a colorful sunset, then I added a couple of differing filters to get the versions I wanted. As you can see, the results are pleasing. If you're not scrolling through, you're missing a couple other versions of this image. This holds true for all of my designs. If you like it, maybe order something?

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He did it all... post cards by FloralbyFred
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