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Friday, November 8, 2013

New Stuff in Scripture Classics

I have been silently laboring away on both of my stores. I took a break from the Christmas designs in Florals By Fred to work on Scripture Classics. Below are today's offerings. Two posters and a representative look at some other products with the same Bible quotations and the same images. Please watch the video, a Christmas music video, and enjoy the products. Thanks for looking!

Isaiah 43:2- 3 baby creeper
Isaiah 43:2- 3 baby creeper by ScriptureClassics
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Isaiah 43:2- 3 t-shirts
Isaiah 43:2- 3 t-shirts by ScriptureClassics
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Philippians 1:6 poster
Philippians 1:6 poster by ScriptureClassics
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Philippians 1:6 t shirt
Philippians 1:6 t shirt by ScriptureClassics
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