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Monday, November 5, 2012

Falling for Folios

Do you have a busy lifestyle? I think most of us probably would answer yes to that question. How do you stay organized? Is there a planner of some type? Or like me, do you employ a gadget like a smart phone. I don't know where they came up with the silly notion that a phone can be "smart." That is however, for another time.

The Fall and Harvest themed Folios listed below are of very high quality, constructed by the Rickshaw Bagworks Company in San Francisco, CA. You can plan like you mean it! A Zazzle's Rickshaw Bagworks Folio day planner is the perfect way to organize your life. Designed with pockets for your digital (smartphones) and analog (pens and journals) life, the Folio is a balanced partner to your hectic day. Made with rugged construction, the Rickshaw Folio is an ultra-protective way to display your custom artwork, text, or photos in vivid beauty. Customize the folio with your name or company name, logo whatever!

I own one of these myself and I can say it's a great product. Enjoy browsing and thanks for looking around!