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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Teapots and Candy Jar Treasures

I recently posted a couple of new items, ceramic teapots, candy jars and pitchers. Granted, they are quite small to be of real use but, they are quite nice as decorations in the kitchen or other room in the house. The teapots however do come in a small size and a medium size which is 44 ounces. I started editing the photos for them and quite honestly, I thought of my own family. All the great times we have in and around the kitchen. Sharing games, laughter and memories. Then I thought of growing up and my own Mom. How we did much the same in her kitchen, live laugh and love... what memories! The first "Teapot" up has a saying that relates to this topic. I'll try to design these in sets. One of each type of container with the same picture on it. Let me know what you think. Have pleasant memories from around the kitchen table? Do you have a few to share? Please do in the comments.

Meals and Memories Candy Jar candyjar
Meals and Memories Candy Jar by FloralbyFred
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Seasoned With Love Pitcher pitcher
Seasoned With Love Pitcher by FloralbyFred
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Kitchen Is Heart Of Home Candy Jar candyjar
Kitchen Is Heart Of Home Candy Jar by FloralbyFred
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