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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Be My Valentine

Today's entry is for Valentine's Day. The history of the celebration are rather obscure but, Wikipedia does a fair job of removing some of the haze. If you're interested, please look here: Valentine Wiki

There are many many suitable gifts for Valentine's Day in my store. Today I'll concentrate on the greeting cards I have to offer. I hope you like what I have and consider a purchase for your Valentine from Florals By Fred.

See my entire line of Valentine's Day Cards here.

Very Red Rose White Outline
Very Red Rose White Outline by FloralbyFred
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Very Red Rose Card
Very Red Rose Card by FloralbyFred
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Oil Paint Rose Greeting Cards
Oil Paint Rose Greeting Cards by FloralbyFred
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Orange Butterfly Greeting Card
Orange Butterfly Greeting Card by FloralbyFred
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