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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I don't know if it's just summer, the new look on zazzle or just the economy we're experiencing but, my sales have been very slow.  Thanks to a few return customers, I've been making a few sales but I have gone better than 2 weeks without a sale. Whatever the reason, my images are top notch and the products are extremely well made. Plus everything I sell on zazzle is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Sometimes I think folks just like to see what others are buying. The products I have listed here are in no particular order but, they have been sold within the last month. Enjoy and, please consider a purchase. There have been and continue to be some awesome sales this summer at zazzle and both of my stores:

Florals by Fred

Scripture Classics

Psalm 86:11-12 Poster
Psalm 86:11-12 Poster by FloralbyFred
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Romans 12:1-2 Poster
Romans 12:1-2 Poster by FloralbyFred
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Romans 15:13 sticker
Romans 15:13 sticker by FloralbyFred
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Revelation 21:4 poster
Revelation 21:4 poster by FloralbyFred
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Lupine Poster
Lupine Poster by FloralbyFred
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Bodie Hotel Main Street Post Card
Bodie Hotel Main Street Post Card by FloralbyFred
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Sticker Jewels
Sticker Jewels by FloralbyFred
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Psalm 118: 24 posters
Psalm 118: 24 posters by FloralbyFred
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Flaming Red Rose
Flaming Red Rose by FloralbyFred
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