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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Passage of Time and Something Soft

If you're like me, you've slowly begun to realize there are probably more days have passed than are yet to come. We can get depressed about it or we can treat the passage of time as an opportunity to reflect on past mistakes accomplishments and successes and learn from them. While the calendar I designed today can't change your outlook on life, the God who is behind the Scripture verses can if one only has faith.

The wildflowers were shot all over Southern California and are quite beautiful in their own right. I hope you enjoy the photos and, decide to buy one. After all, that's one reason I do this. Each Scripture reference is complete with the passage notation.

Wildflower Scripture Calendar calendar
Wildflower Scripture Calendar by FloralbyFred
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Something soft

Always coming up with new products, Zazzle has produced some lovely gift products for us to design. These pillows are from the American MoJo company. As you can see below, they come in 2 sizes. Here's what Zazzle says:

American MoJo Pillows

Zazzle's American MoJo products are produced by sustainably employed single moms in the USA and contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty for single moms and their children. A portion of proceeds from your purchase provide better than minimum wage salaries, a chance at a new career path, and freedom from the prohibitive daycare costs that keep many single mothers from re-entering the work force.

100% Grade A Woven Cotton

Touchably soft and always cool on the other side, our custom pillows are made of 100% grade A woven cotton that’s as durable as it is cuddlable. All pillow covers are 100% machine washable.

Wildflower Pillow 4 throwpillow
Wildflower Pillow 4 by FloralbyFred
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Wildflower Pillow 5 throwpillow
Wildflower Pillow 5 by FloralbyFred
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Wildflower Pillow 10 throwpillow
Wildflower Pillow 10 by FloralbyFred
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