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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Busy busy busy... We went to the coast last week... I have some photos I'll be posting on flickr of our outing. More importantly, I participated this week in ABC's Vacation Bible School. What a hoot! The youth of ABC did a bang up job providing a fun and energetic program for the kids. I have a bunch of photos from Wednesday evening that are posted on flickr. I did the sound and multi-media the other nights I could attend.

I have a friend at ABC that cuts gemstones. I've seen his work and it is really nice. Guess what? He asked me to shoot some photos of his work. I made some attempts this week but I wasn't pleased with the results. I may go ahead and post a couple this weekend.

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Work has been busy, lots of OT and I'm looking forward to retiring soon. September 29 come on!