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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Up in Flames!

Yes, the flaming continues. At least with one of my signature photos. This one has an interesting parchment filter added to give it even more "pizzaz." This rose is getting a lot of mileage on it but, it's really a nice image. The last installment will be tomorrow... I promise! At any rate, enjoy the photo and the products.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Flamed Again!

One of the really cool things about photoshop besides photo retouching is the ability to add textures and filters to your images. In particular it adds just that touch of class to really make your images stand out. If you are a photoshop user, I can wholeheartedly recommend using filter forge. It's a plugin that makes it super easy to add filters to your image. Get more information about filter forge on their website here: Filter Forge.
Today's image is a wonderful example of what you can do with photoshop and filter forge. It's this beautiful flaming red rose that has an oil painting filter applied. Enjoy!

Flaming Rose Oil Painting Coffee Mug
Flaming Rose Oil Painting Coffee Mug by FloralbyFred
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Flaming Rose Oil Painting Shirts
Flaming Rose Oil Painting Shirts by FloralbyFred
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